HOME regulations require that 15 percent of HOME funds each year must be allocated to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO). The CHDO designation is granted to a not-for-profit, community-based service organization whose staff members have the capacity to develop affordable housing for the community it serves. The CHDO designation is tied to the specific role a non-profit organization plays in a particular project. The non-profit is responsible for maintaining the capacity to fulfill that role throughout the affordability period of the project.

Qualifying Criteria

A CHDO must be a nonprofit corporation with a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) tax-exempt ruling from the Internal Revenue Service. Please note that the following documents are provided for informational purposes only. Please obtain current forms and publications directly from the IRS.

Becoming a CHDO

Non-profit organizations should complete the CHDO Certification Application, which should be included with the initial application for AHFA HOME funds.

DRAFT 2017 CHDO Certification Application

The DRAFT 2017 Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Certification Application is provided for review for a period running concurrently with the Public Comment period for the DRAFT 2017 HOME Action and 2017 Qualified Allocation Plans. The CHDO Certification Application is not part of the Citizen Participation Process, however, it is offered in an effort to provide a complete understanding of the AHFA Application requirements.  Public comments will not be accepted on the CHDO Certification Application Package, however, AHFA will accept input regarding the CHDO Certification Application for consideration. Comments, questions, suggestions and/or concerns may be submitted to AHFA via email at [email protected] until November 10, 2016. 
AHFA will accept 2017 CHDO Certification Applications along with the Initial Applications for the 2017 HOME/HC Application Cycle.  CHDO Designation Certificates will be issued to applicants which successfully provide the documentation required in the CHDO Certification Application and meet the CHDO requirements. 
This CHDO Certification Application Package is subject to revision and may change significantly prior to the release of the Final 2017 CHDO Certification Application package.  Please DO NOT use this version in preparation for submitting a 2017 Application. 

Annual Re-certification

Approved CHDOs must be re-certified annually. The Annual Re-certifications are due with the Owner Certification Page submitted to AHFA Compliance in April.

HUD-Approved CHDO Training Consultants

For additional information, please contact Dondra Houlditch.

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