Loan Reservations

To make a loan reservation or check loan status, visit
Lender Online.

Reservations are to be made on the lender portal website Lender Online. Each lender has an administrator in their organization who will assign access to the AHFA lender portal to their users.

Approximately $1.5 million in Step Up funds are currently replenished each morning by 9 AM, Monday-Friday. Lenders may make reservations until the funds are exhausted. Funds may be transferred between 15- and 30-day reservations by AHFA Operations staff if necessary. You may contact Brian Hunt, Lisa Treece, or Steve Nesmith to facilitate this.

Contact Brian Hunt for general compliance questions and Greg McKitt for funding questions.

Please note:
• Reservation Acceptance Notices may be printed directly after the reservation has been accepted, and reprinted later from the Loan Status Tab from the Lender Online primary tool bar. PDF documents, Curative Requests, and Conditional Commitments (Approvals) may also be accessed from the Loan Status Tab on a loan-level basis.
• Program Manuals may be accessed by the selecting the Program Documents link on secondary toolbar menu on Lender Online.
• Current Interest Rates are displayed on the home page. Historical interest rates and SRP data may be viewed from a notice posted on the Lender Online bulletin board.

Participating lenders must include specific MCC documents as part of the closing forms submitted to the closing agent, once a conditional commitment has been issued by AHFA. The Final Recapture Settlement Disclosures are located on the Lender Online website under the Program Documents link on the secondary toolbar. Scroll to find the disclosure applicable to the property, county, or MSA to print and include it. The other applicable MCC closing documents may be completed and printed from the PDF documents action icon located on a loan-level basis, from the Loan Status Tab on Lender Online.

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